Friday, August 19, 2011

Sometimes RA changes even the simplest things...

Normally, I don't consider myself as living my life ruled by RA. Yes, I have it and yes, I have to make some modifications to deal with it - but I'm lucky enough to not be in pain all the time or always walk with a limp. So, it was somewhat surprising to me when I realized the other day just how much RA really has taken over/changed certain aspects of my daily life.

As I was getting ready on Tuesday, I thought to myself "Oh, it's shot day - gotta do that before getting dressed." And then on Wednesday before bed, as I was taking my usual meds, I caught myself thinking "Oh, it's methotrexate day - gotta add those pills to the mix." As I thought more about it, I realized Tuesday-Friday is no longer Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It's shot day, metho day, leucovorin day and shot day again. Kind of funny/surprising how RA has changed even something as simple as the days of the week.

Have you noticed similar simple, yet surprising changes?