Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thoughts on turning 30...

Today, I am 30. There, I put it in print for all to see. And you know, I think I'm OK with it. It's taken a while to get here, but I'm here. Along the way, I've had many thoughts about where I've been, where I am now, where I thought I would be at 30, etc. Children have, of course, factored into that.

There's definitely been some moments in the last couple of weeks where I thought "Oh my God, I'm about to be a childless 30-year-old!" But, now I'm back to "OK, I'm a child-free 30-year-old. Now let's go out for drinks!" :-P

All in all, I think I'm pretty happy with where I am and what I accomplished in my 20s. I got a degree, traveled, got married, bought a house, got settled in a career (oh yeah, and got a crappy autoimmune disorder, but faced it head-on). I don't know what this next decade will bring, but I'm hopeful. I'm looking forward to more travels, more experiences with friends & family—more good stuff all around, I guess.

So - I think we ought to let go of the notion that turning 30 being some big life-changing event that you should worry about and dread. It seems to me, 30 might just be the age where we finally get our stuff together. Here's to the big 3-0!

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Aches & Pains" Forecast

So I was just looking at the weather for the upcoming weekend and I see that the Weather Channel has a new "Aches & Pains" forecast. Here's the full nationwide map:

 (courtesy of

In my area today, the forecast is a "5" for moderate aches & pains. This pretty much jives with what my knees told me walking up the stairs today. The "regular" forecast is noting a 50% chance of rain. In my experience, I'm always a little stiffer/achier on rainy days, even though I've been doing pretty well otherwise lately.

Some studies have shown weather does not affect arthritis, other studies have shown that it does. Obviously the Weather Channel is jumping on the latter bandwagon (and I totally think they should be!).

What's your experience? Can you predict rain by the creaking in your joints? Does hot weather make you feel worse? Or are your pain levels pretty constant regardless? Love to hear your thoughts!