Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Practicing for baby

I swear the prednisone is helping me understand the sleeplessness that will ensue if/when baby arrives. If I take it after 5pm, I have the worst time sleeping. Last night, I didn't get it down until after 6, so I tossed and turned for about an hour before falling asleep. Then I was awake at 12.. and 2... and 4... and finally got up at 6. Fortunately, I took another "hit" of the juice this morning - so I'm up and running again! Ha!

I am definitely feeling better than I was 2 weeks ago. I still have some aches and pains, but they're totally manageable - and my rheumy thinks things might get better the longer I'm on the Plaquenil. 6 days left of the prednisone - a good night's rest is in sight!


  1. Hi, I am so glad I found your blog! I am 32 and have RA for about 10 years now. I never realized how much work and effort it would take to plan a pregnancy! We have been trying for a few months now and hope it will happen soon. I am currently on Plaquinil and 6mg of prednisone. I have also had 2 cortisone shots recently. It wasn't until after I had the shots that I found out it causes my menstrual cycle to go crazy! Would have been nice to know this before I opted for the shot! In order to get my back on schedule my OB put me on birth control for 2 months *sigh*. Best of luck to you!!!

  2. Oh no, I had no idea that cortisone shots make your cycle crazy!!! I am going to strangle my rheumy! Thanks for letting me know.

    - RA SB

  3. Hi Anon & Welcome! I've never had cortisone shots, but I do know that the oral prednisone (at higher doses - like 20mg/day) messes with my cycle - and I'm still on the pill! Hopefully you'll get back to normal soon as the shots wear off. Good luck!

  4. i m 17 ...hving jra for 10 years now...i also hv prednisolone during flares....

  5. hi thanks
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