Friday, February 12, 2010

Research Recap

So the rest of the week has fortunately gone a little better than Monday. Anyone with RA knows how sporadic the symptoms can be - so frustrating! I don't know about you, but I like predictability. My joints apparently do not agree.... Oh well, as long as they are feeling better (still a little achy - but nothing to have a pity party about).

I've been doing a little more research on rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy this week. While there's not a lot out there, I did find a few things to share (and to keep track of myself for future reference).

The Organization for Teratology Information Specialists actually has page devoted to studies on rheumatoid arthritis medications (Enbrel, Arava & Humira have their own reports as of right now ) and pregnancy:

The good news for me on this one is that there were no increased risk of birth defects for women who took Enbrel as compared to those who didn't. This supports anectodal reports that I also found:

I also found a good round-up of many rheumatoid arthritis drugs, as they relate to pregnancy, here:

It's really all encouraging news! Next appointment with my rheumatologist is February 26th. I plan to ask him when we should start testing to see if all of the Arava is out of my system (it's only been 3 months, though - so it might be a while). I also want to see what he thinks about me starting a prenatal vitamin. It's at least 6 months before we'd even think about starting... but hey, is it ever too soon??


  1. Hey Girl,

    It is the RA Superb*tch. I came to stopby, and I'm going to read it all now. I can't "follow" you though. You might have to check that we can follow ya!

    Looks great so far. Thanks for inviting me "over." LOl!

    - RA SB

  2. Hey,

    There is good research here! I think you should keep posting. If you want to email me, so maybe we can talk since I am also considering baby #2, my email is Also, go ahead and take the prenatals. Not too early at all, as they have great nutrients for women who aren't prego. I buy mine over the counter even when I'm not considering pregnancy because they help give an extra dose of vitamins that the methotrexate robs from me.

    Good luck, and keep me posted!!!

    - RA SB

  3. Hi RA SB - thanks for stopping by! I just tried the Google Friend Connect and it worked for me ?!? Let me know if you're still having problems with it. I'll be emailing you soon!


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