Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back on the juice

So, I had mentioned last week that I thought my remission might be fleeting. Turns it out - it was. The RA is rearing its ugly head again. Lots of aches and pains and stiffness.

I just got back from the rheumatologist (I love that man!). He gave me a script for prednisone and suggested we double up the plaquenil (I had only been taking 200 mg/day). We talked about possibly going back on the Arava - since that seemed to work so well. But he told me he really preferred not to. He wanted me to see that I could feel better on drugs that would also be OK during pregnancy. He said "In 2010, there's no reason to be on drugs that make you lose your hair and keep you from getting pregnant." (See why I love this man!)

So - we'll see how it goes. I truly hope it works. Because right now, it's hard to take care of myself. But, we'll worry about that later, I suppose....

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